Corporate Excellence Award

An organisation that has excelled at initiatives to encourage, advance, hire, and retain women through inclusive hiring and development practices, as well as developing and implementing innovative Diversity & Inclusion programs.

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  • Initiatives to encourage/advance/retain and hire women
  • The company is a part of the energy/energy-related sector
  • Based in the Middle-East
  • Number of female promotions (use a range) and include evidence
  • Inclusive hiring and development practices
  • Sponsor events for women (local/global/region)
  • Example of women in your organisation who have been recognised or received awards
  • Innovation in Diversity & Inclusion program

Please prepare the following documents in pdf, the system will not allow you to save your entry and complete it at a later stage. We recommend that you have all the listed documents available at the time of submission.

  • Statistics showing improvement of women hiring, promotions, or development
  • Examples of initiatives to encourage/advance/retain and hire women
  • Examples of sponsoring events for women locally, within the region, or globally
  • Examples of women in your organisation who have received awards as a result of the company's efforts
  • Letter(s) of recommendation from female employees
  • Examples of best practices implemented by the company to break biases against women and promote Diversity and Inclusion. Please indicate the resultant impact and include metrics


  • Business Unit HR Partner/ Supervisor's Details
  • PR/Marketing Contact Details
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