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Helping employees bring their A-game to work
Driving authentic conversations led by experts focused on cross-cultural communications and awareness, diversity, and inclusion. The LEWAS Amplified series brings in panelists to speak on a variety of topics that focus on issues that are underrepresented and less talked about; exploring game-changing D&I programs that can help company culture and the bottom line. Hear from experts from different roles and backgrounds as they uncover what works and doesn’t in helping employees bring their A-game to work.


Reskilling remotely, road to oppotunities

The future of work is here. Are employers ready to keep up?

Digitalization promised a new era for working life, but the cultural transformation lagged – until COVID-19. Who are the real winners and losers? Many workers have made big wins from remote work such as savings on transport, better work-life balance, and more autonomy. And then there have been the less fortunate. Experiences diverge greatly depending on personal situations – such as space, childcare responsibilities, the nature of the job itself, and individual temperaments.

Guest Host: Alex Malouf, Corporate Communications Director MEA, Schneider Electric

Interview with: Sheila Al-Rowaily, CEO of Wisayah Global Investment Management Company, a subsidiary of Saudi Aramco

Stereo-untypical: Female paradoxes at work

Coming to work unfiltered and expecting your colleagues to accept your true self could misfire. At the same time, hiding your authenticity at work can form meaningless relationships that can hold back professional growth.

This leads us to the big question: How much of your authentic self can you get to work? Are we saying that women should mimic their male counterparts to be taken seriously?

Guest Host: Eboni Adams Monk, Vice President of Marketing, W.R. Grace & Co.

Interview with: Ulrike Von Lonski, Chief Operating Officer, World Petroleum Council

Fresh off the boat and onto the platform: Engaging young leaders in energy
In a landscape where Corporate Social Responsibility used to be an afterthought, businesses have now realized, that in order to retain the new workforce, CSRs are an integral part of their DNA.

Besides making a positive contribution to society, how can companies ensure employee morale, improved company culture, and most importantly, swift growth in skillset amongst the younger workforce? Hear the two experts, Mujahed AlSayouhi, Organisation Performance Advisor at Saudi Aramco, and Mette Hersby, Leadership Succession Manager at Shell discuss their perspectives of Gen Z at work.

Guest Host: Mujahed Alsayouhi, Organisation Performance Advisor, Aramco

Interview with: Mette Hersby, Manager Leadership Succession, Shell

Equality vs Equity
Equality vs Equity; is there a difference? The equity and equality conversation can get a little muddled. We speak to Lean In Network’s Denise Mannix and Dr. Jennifer Shepard from Aramco on some of the blindspots and how companies can overcome them.

Guest Host: Dr. Jennifer Shepard, Industrial & Organisational Psychologist, D&I Specialist at Aramco

Interview with: Denise Mannix, Founder & CEO of Lean In Network, Energy

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