LEWAS Impact

LEWAS Impact
An Editorial Series Advocating D&I Solutions in Energy

Focused to draw attention to the excellent work done in the diversity and inclusion space, the LEWAS Impact series highlights innovation, media impact, fieldwork, reports and studies conducted by universities, research groups, HR and R&D departments, media and even individuals. We want to make new approaches and techniques to diversity and inclusion the hero of every story. Open to global contributors from 18 years and above.

TAQA’s Drive for Innovation with Inclusiveness

by Marije Van Koolwijk, Vice President, Geosciences & Engineering, TAQA

As a company focused on technology and innovation, diversity and inclusiveness are key enablers to assist in development of new technologies, come up with new ways of working. It is essential to pave the road to a sustainable future.

Beyond Diversity, Fostering an Inclusion Culture

by Sara Al Somali,

SLB in Saudi and Bahrain

At SLB, we have always believed that no one culture or gender has the monopoly on creativity and excellence. As we lead the energy transition through technology and digital innovation even more diverse talent will be needed.

Making Diversity Policies Work

by Pedro Miras, President,

WPC Energy

We tend to think of diversity as a human rights issue. Of course, that is true, but for companies, it is also an issue with a tangible economic return. When we create equal opportunities, we broaden the spectrum of potential candidates and as a result, we can appeal to the best people.

The 1-7 Approach

by Denise Mannix, President,

Lean In Network, Energy

Diversity, like a fuel additive is an acknowledged performance enhancer, capability improver, and efficiency maximizer, and like additive manufacturing it creates innovation and disruption, with the ability to drive organizational value. The question remains, why is the uptake of the “technology of diversity” so slow?

Think outside the STEM BOX

by Nancy Speidel, Founder and CEO, iSAW International

There is a push to get more women into STEM roles, but many women are not interested in STEM as they select their early career choices. This is where companies need to think beyond the “STEM box”, not only to attract more women, but to obtain more diverse talent and skills.

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