LEWAS Impact

LEWAS Impact
An Editorial Series Advocating D&I Solutions in Energy

Focused to draw attention to the excellent work done in the diversity and inclusion space, the LEWAS Impact series highlights innovation, media impact, fieldwork, reports and studies conducted by universities, research groups, HR and R&D departments, media and even individuals. We want to make new approaches and techniques to diversity and inclusion the hero of every story. Open to global contributors from 18 years and above.

We support original content. Here are a few pointers before submitting your story:

• Ensure that your content is truthful and not misleading. It should relate to your own genuine personal experience and/or be based upon your own knowledge.

• Your content is not false nor defamatory and does not infringe the privacy, data protection or confidentiality rights of any third party.

• Your content does not plagiarize or otherwise infringe any third-party copyright, moral rights or any other intellectual property rights. For example, you must not submit to us any images, illustrations or recordings unless you are the copyright owner or have the relevant consent.

• We request you to support your article with evidence-based sources and reports.

• We may edit, add to, remove or otherwise amend your content (or any part of it) in any way as we see fit in our sole discretion for journalistic purposes (for example without limitation we may edit your content for length and style and/or use it for or incorporate it in related stories).

• You are legally responsible for your content.

• We would like to ensure every story gets its spotlight – in case your article runs long, we will feature it as a 3-4 part series to do justice to every section.

To partner, participate or recommend a burning topic that is less addressed in the diversity game in the energy sector,
email: pamela@e3-worldwide.com

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