LEWAS GRWx Workshop at KFUPM
18 October 2023
Hosted for KFUPM Students
While each women’s journey is unique, women who have succeeded in their industries know, firsthand, how important support systems are. They’ve also experienced the impact that inclusion and belonging has at work. In this workshop women shared their career experiences and journeys, gave us insight on the challenges they’ve faced and achievements they’ve reached, and how they’ve aimed to leave a lasting impression.
Session: 'Understanding Bias: What makes us think and act the way we do?'
Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Shepard, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, Industrial and Organisational Psychologist, Saudi Aramco, KSA
Session: Experiential Exercise
Moderator: Maram Al Sabbagh, Environment Specialist - Health, Safety and Environment Department, BAPCO
  • Dr. Nour Baqader, Lead Petroleum Scientist, Aramco
  • Dr. Miasser AlGhamdi, Sr. Manager for Engineering, SABIC
  • Mrs. Marije Van Koolwijk, Vice President, Geosciences & Engineering, TAQA
LEWAS GRWx Workshop at KAUST
25 October 2023
Attended by: C-Level Executives, Engineers and Professionals, KAUST Faculty Staff Scientist & Students
KAUST Catalysis Center together with Aramco and the Ministry of Energy, organized a “Crude to Chemicals Conference, Innovative Technologies” on Oct. 23-25. LEWAS was delighted to be hosting the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Women Empowerment Special Event.

Session: 'Understanding Bias: What makes us think and act the way we do?'
Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Shepard, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, Industrial and Organisational Psychologist, Saudi Aramco, KSA

Session: Panel Discussion
Moderator: Sara Otaibi, Manager of Partnerships & Lead of Events & Engagement, KAUST
  • Samar Dhahry, Ministry of Energy
  • Amal H. Al-Subaie, SATORP
  • Helen Hill, MEA Strategy Manager, Johnson Matthey
  • Prof. Jorge Gascon, Professor - Chemical Engineering, KCC
Business Accelerator
16 November 2023
Attended by: C-Level Executives, Management and Senior Leaders and Decision Makers - Director Level, HR @ DE&I Leaders, Engineers and Professionals, BAPCO Executives
LEWAS is working with iSAW on a number of challenges that relate to women in Energy. The first workshop was hosted at BAPCO Club on how the industry can Attract and Retain Women in Energy, to ensure we reach industry targets. Today, and according to the recently published BCG & WPC Energies report, the industry is at 23% women, and lesser when it comes to women in leadership. The panel addressed measures needed to be taken to ensure that we are able to (1) attract more girls and experienced women to the energy industry; and (2) retain these women in an industry that is still heavily male-dominated and not always inclusive.
Nancy Speidel, Founder & CEO, iSAW
  • Mahavir Kothari, Senior Finance Leader, BAPCO Energies
LEWAS GRWx - Future Women in Energy Virtual Event: Internships & Early Stage Career Prep
20 November 2023
Attended by: Graduate students
This event was presented in collaboration with Localized and GRWx, and was set to be a game-changer in your journey towards a successful career in the energy sector.

  • Engaging Workshops: Equip yourself with hands-on skills to thrive in the energy industry.
  • Fireside Chats: Gain insights and inspiration from influential leaders sharing their experiences.
  • Career Preparation: Receive practical guidance to kickstart your early-stage career in the energy sector.
Find the Programme and Facilitators here:

  • Fireside Chat: Careers in Energy & Sustainability
  • Green Careers: Opportunities and Skills in Climate and ESG
  • Workshop: Design Thinking for Sustainable Projects
  • Workshop: Stand Out and Get Hired as an Early-Talent
  • Sustainability Leadership Lab: Refining Your Skillset
  • Renewable Energy Pathways
  • Fireside Chat: Women Leading the Energy Industry
  • Workshop: Aligning your Project to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)
Women Fast Forward
21 November 2023
This one-day LEWAS workshop explored how to stay agile and relevant with new ways to navigate one's career journey. Delegates learned how to engage, inform, and own the space as well as network with young energy professionals and turn valuable connections into future opportunities.
Nancy Speidel, Founder and CEO, iSAW International, UK
Eithne Treanor, CEO, E-Treanor Media, UAE
Alongside LEWAS Symposium Workshop 1:
Advancing Women's Leadership Skills - Boardroom Skills
21 November 2023
This single-day workshop provided evidence-based strategies, skill enhancement, and educational resources designed to empower women at different career stages, enabling them to thrive in leadership roles. It also plays a pivotal role in nurturing highly qualified women leaders, both existing and emerging, to their full potential.
Heidi Lynne Balasch, Principal, Upstream Energy, EPAM Systems, Canada
Alexander Gottling, Executive HR Services, Saudi Aramco, KSA
Alongside LEWAS Symposium Workshop 2:
Interrupting Bias: Blindspots in Business
21 November 2023
Bias is a big word, but very rarely do we talk about the sneaky ways it creeps into the way we see the world, our decision-making, and how we communicate. In this interactive session, delegates learnt how to identify blind spots, what to do about them, and build a toolkit that will help delegates and their organizations create a more inclusive, inspiring, and innovative culture.
Dr. Jennifer Shepard, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, Industrial and Organisational Psychologist, Saudi Aramco, KSA
Katherine Sinex, Founder and CEO of Revilo Consulting Ltd.
Alongside LEWAS Symposium Workshop 3:
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