Enabling the

Smart Work Revolution

10th Leadership Excellence for Women Awards & Symposium

November 2024

Now in its 10th edition, LEWAS 2024 engages, empowers, and elevates issues that are at the very heart of the energy industry. What makes LEWAS even more important is in addition to recognising women it also recognises male advocates and corporations who champion women in energy, enabling women to shatter stereotypes and support the industry to advance.
Enabling the
Smart Work Revolution

In the search for innovation, we have created machines that can simulate, augment, and even outperform the human mind. AI, today is not only changing our world but also challenging our very ideas of intelligence and consciousness.

We are witnessing ‘Work-X’, a new era of creative entrepreneurship where from working remotely to collaborating across borders is the new normal. We have successfully improved geographical flexibility, reduced overheads, built transparent and trustworthy systems, and increased autonomy and empowerment.

However, cultivating a culture of innovation goes beyond technology; it involves empowering employees to be proactive problem solvers and contributing to the organization’s overall growth and success.

It’s time to say goodbye to the traditional 9-to-5 routine. At LEWAS we are here to explore greater flexibility, creativity, and collaboration.

At LEWAS 2024, we want to explore the marriage between technology, and innovation fuelled by diversity to enhance business success.

LEWAS 2024 Awards Submissions Now Open
Award Categories
  • A young woman in university who demonstrates academic excellence and leadership, and is majoring in science and/or engineering in the energy industry
  • A female academic professional with 10+ years of experience in the Science and/or Engineering department in the energy industry.

  • A young professional woman with 3-5 years of experience in the energy industry. She is someone who has been recognized for special achievements within her organisation.
  • A professional woman with 5-15 years of experience in energy who has gone above and beyond to demonstrate leadership skills, excellence in corporate performance.
  • A professional woman, with a background in Science and/or Engineering with over 15 years of experience in the energy industry.
  • A professional male with 10+ years of experience who has gone above and beyond to develop and support women as professionals and potential leaders.
  • An organisation that has excelled at initiatives to encourage, advance, hire, and retain women through inclusive hiring and development practices, as well as developing and implementing innovative D&I programs.
Important Dates
Close of Award Submission
02 September 2024
Shortlist Announced
15 October 2024
Winners Announced
November 2024 - LEWAS Awards Gala Dinner
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